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Tipps für Ausflüge

In winter

But if you are staying with us in the winter no problem! Take winter instead of summer equipment! Skiing, cross country skiing, bobsleigh, skating... Anything that you can use to romp in the snow) from your accommodation is up (at great snow) half-hour trip to the Bohemian Forest Lipno or surroundings. You can try any sport that has to do with the cold.

Ski trails on Kvilda

Ski trails are the Kvilda well as in other areas of the Sumava NP machine adjusted if sufficient snow cover from 15 December to 31 March. The frequency of machine will depend on the amount of funds collected and the current weather conditions. Detailed information on the maintenance and quality of ski trails in the National Park can be found on the website every Friday Sumava NP:
System ski trails are in the field marked with engraved wooden guideposts symbol skiers, in some places already and new field markings KČT. Attention: skiing trails are marked with a marking system KČT orange color that is easily interchangeable with yellow marking bicycle.
Given that Kvilda move around the National Park, it is necessary to respect the prohibition of entry into the first zones. These zones are marked with green field table with "I. zone of the national park "or. two horizontal red stripes on the trees.

Overview of ski trails on Kvilda

Kvilda - Horska Kvilda

The flat 4.5 km long route is also suitable for beginners. Along the way you pass Lake moor peat, which is in winter when snow cover closed higher. The reason for this closure is in the hibernating black grouse moors and the effort to prevent damage kneeling poválkovému frozen to the sidewalk. After arrival at Mountain Kvilda you have several options for refreshment. From here you can continue through the Golden Well Churáňov or Zhůří or through Philip Hut back to Kvilda.
Note: All the above routes are mechanically adjusted, excluding the section Kvilda - Filipova Hut

Kvilda - Source of river Vltava

The trail is 7 km long and rises gently through the woods to the spring river. If this is thaw section as one of the first bad navigable for large quantities of dirt and Collembola. About 500 m after Pramenem river you can go either right over the Black Mountain (watch out, get ready for the big and long climb) towards Březník, Philip Hut or Modrava, or left over guard (again long climb) Bučina. In the case of good visibility is just a nice view of the Alps. The Buciny can return directly back to Kvilda (the whole circuit is 18 km long) and continuing through the Prince's Plane towards Borová Lada, respectively Strazny.
Note: All the above routes are machine-edited tracks near Pine Lad are treated less quality snowmobile. Route Princely Plane - guard is adjusted only at very stable weather.

Kvilda - crossroads Stare Hute - Prilba

The Kvilda lead at the crossroads Stare Hute two different directions (as marked pedestrian blue and yellow sign). Terrain profile blue brand is less rugged. The Old Crossroads Crossroads can continue over the top towards Prilba - Churáňov or slope to Nova Hut..
Note: None of the named routes is mechanically adjusted, except for a short stretch in the saddle Prilba - Churáňov, thaw the ski tracks are dirty very soon.

Kvilda - Bucina

The above mentioned groomed ski trail leads along the road, which is usually plow. Therefore, this route is also suitable for walking or. for skating technique.

The starting point

The main entry point for most routes is at the center of the village at the information center NPŠ. From here you can go towards the Horska Kvilda. From this route turns over 1 km (on a tourist crossroads U Treml) ski. Trail to crossroads Stara hut. From the information center, you can also go river springs, although in this case you have a second option. If you go through villages on foot, you can use the second entry point for the pension "U pily." Approximately 150 m from the pension starts machine groomed ski trail, which branches here and leads as to the source of the Vltava and Bucina.

Ski trail Zadov:


Service and Lipno ski resort Lipno

Would you went on a bike trip through the natural, cultural or technical monuments Bohemian Forest? Then you fall for the right time. So do not hesitate and come. Compared to the summer months in the area substantially less tourists. Weather is pleasant, although sometimes with occasional showers or rain. Lipno is a great location for autumn bike rides. Within a short time, you can explore and visit many places and still spend a lot of experiences, without having to avoid the crowds of tourists. During his trips to go round the cycle paths and trails Lipno, you're revel in view of the autumn woods, meadows and pastures, stretching along the paths. Moreover, it is also laced with lots Forest roads and forest paths, for which also no problem cycling. Connect to the trails along the river and go in the direction of the river, you need to go so much easier. Or explore the area along the Schwarzenberg Canal, where previously floated wood, which was used to supply Vienna fuel and construction wood. Before you continue your ride along Lake Lipno, refresh yourself with some of the local pubs romantic.

Those of you who crave more adventure can go to the highest point of the Bohemian Forest with steeper slopes, which are the right place for lovers of adrenaline and more challenging mountain bike terrain. However, before these places to go, make sure you have chosen the path is determined by cyclists and not just. Of you who crave more adventure can go to the highest point of the Bohemian Forest with steeper slopes, which are the right place for lovers of adrenaline and more challenging mountain bike terrain. However, before these places to go, make sure you have chosen the path is intended not only to cyclists and pedestrians.

In the summer

If we want to visit in the summer, we recommend that you remember to bring your bicycles, roller skates or hiking poles. Will you throw after bohemian region leads many trails around the beautiful countryside and wonderful places and monuments.


New urban cycling, built in 2003 (already done) and 2004 respectively. 2005 (forthcoming) are labeled for clarity capital Latin letters (A - J). A cycle track: this is a circuit around the city center enclosing part of the circuit formed by cycling trail No. 12 Start cycling is connected to the bike path No 1018 on the river Malše close to the historic buildings of the South Bohemian Theatre. The route runs at the edges Jirsíkova streets across the streets Dukelská and Charles IV., Then passes into parallel with Mill sewer which runs along the existing park road width of at least 3.00 m A passes through the park. Bicycle route B: connects the city center with commercial area Strakonická Bicycle C is guided radially from the center of chestnut street - future connection to the D route between Prague and suburbs Husova colonies Bicycle D: guided tangentially along the northern edge of the inner city, connects B and C cycling Bicycle E: connects the city center and district center Vrbné Dry and continues until Rudolfovská class (it is necessary to resolve the problem of the transfer of cyclists across the street Novohradská, over footbridge over the railway and road across Ledenický) Bicycle F: links the city center and towards the Stromovkou May to the settlement along the trail No. 1100 Bicycle G: trail connecting downtown Long Bridge over the settlements Šumava and Maj (a problem that needs to be resolved, the transfer of cyclists across Long Bridge and St. J. Opletala) Bicycle H: provides connection using Route G settlement Vltava (a problem that needed to be settled through the transfer of cyclists Hus class) Bicycle I: it is a cycle path that connects bicycle Bicycle H and B. J: this is a cycle path led at the edges of existing local roads and connecting Even with cycling route No. 122 bicycle path and with cycle route B - 2 part in space Suchomelská street. Other cycling is prepared on the left bank of the Vltava from the sports hall toward Stecherovu mill. The urban trail system will be connected to the axis of communication across the Vltava River Street toward E. Pitter polyclinic South. Furthermore, the city in cooperation with neighboring municipalities (Roudné, Vidov etc.) will try to pattern after cycling to Hluboka n. / Vlt. build a bike path along the left bank of the river Malše.

Bicycle paths

  • Route no. 12 headed towards north along the river Vltava (the part of the international cycle path that runs through our territory from Germany to Austria)
  • Route no. 122 in the northern part of the city on the right bank of the Vltava towards Borek to Trebon
  • Route no. 1018 led along the right bank of the river towards Malše Vidov
  • Route no. 1050 direction Dobra Voda
  • Route no. 1096 direction  Rudolfov
  • Route no. 1092 direction Litvinovice, Lipi
  • Route no. 1100 direction Dubne
  • Route no. 1108 direction Vrbenské rybniky
  • Route no. 1120 direction St. Hodejovice, Ledenice

Bicycle path

Ceske Budejovice » Cesky Krumlov » Dolni Dvoriste

Description of bicycle path

Cycle path Ceske Budejovice - Cesky Krumlov - Dolni Dvoriste is 56.7 km long and passes through the districts of Ceske Budejovice Cesky Krumlov. It is guided so as to avoid roads with heavy traffic and still missed the most important cultural, natural and historical attractions. Start cycling takes us to the confluence of the Vltava and Malše, the Ceske Budejovice - town with a historic core, which has become an urban conservation area. Despite Boršov over the Vltava, the Stone and Kamenny Ujezd ​​we get to the town Cesky Krumlov, Krumlov, which is since 1992 registered in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Castle on a rocky promontory above the river Vltava, which dominates the city, after the Prague Castle in the Czech Republic the second largest of Cesky Krumlov ride Ceskokrumlovska highlands - yet little known portions of the right bank of the river to the Dolni Dvoriste, where you can continue across the border in cycling tours in Austria. Cycle path is intertwined with other routes of the region. In Cesky Krumlov can turn the bike path leading to the Cerna v Posumavi, or turn on Branné to Frymburk. Both villages are starting up a coherent system of bicycle trails Lipno area.

Establishment and Construction

Bike path Ceske Budejovice - Cesky Krumlov - Dolni Dvoriste built in 2000 investor - Ceske Budejovice city with the help of co-financing partner of the European Union Phare CBC. Engineer is an engineering construction company INBEST Ceske Budejovice, designer cycling company ZESA Josef Sádecký Ceske Budejovice. Length of construction works is 8091 m Construction work performed by Strabag Czech Budejovice, where existing local roads spread to standard lane width of 3 m to the hard shoulder. Surface cycling was performed on asphalt concrete or hardened roadway.

Summer swimming pool

Address: Sokolský ostrov 1, 370 01 Ceske Budejovice

After successful regulation of river flow in the years 1927 - 1930 was Sokolský island in 1933 inaugurated 'swimming pool and a sun bath and shower. " The overall redevelopment of the island and generous sports facilities designed front Ceske Budejovice architect architect Karel Chochola. Outdoor swimming pools had two - fifty for swimmers and non-swimmers for smaller, wading pool with a garland outdoor showers, a solarium, sandy and grassy beach and wooden changing room complex for subscribers, a restaurant with a terrace, where it took place and a rich social life. Access to the swimming pool was the west side bleachers sports stadium, where the changing rooms and a pedestrian bridge over the access road to Sokol.
This swimming pool was in operation until 1971 when it was closed for renovations. To this, however, occurred only in the eighties. Demanding construction proceeded very slowly (initially was built basically brigade - in the form of the action), and far from being completely finished according to the original ideas of designers and ambitious concept. Was only a kind of first phase (renovation of the original pools, water treatment plant and construction of heat exchangers including underground collector). Into trial operation was launched this summer swimming pool in 1993 and in 2006 was the first stage of reconstruction in the form of building a new social facilities. In the future, this area awaits the reconstruction of pools, including new technologies and distribution systems. It is assumed that there will not be a classic water park, but a summer swimming pool with several water features.